Panorama stitching: the Sierra Nevada Landscape

Panorama stitching is one of my favorite ways to capture landscape photos, especially when I don’t have a wide angle lens with me. It sounds like a really involved process, but it’s actually quite easy to accomplish. Pretty much any lens under 100mm (35mm equivalent) can be used and still capture a wide scene without much effort.  All you need to do is snap a series of panoramic shots, upload them into Lightroom, and perform a photo merge, like this sequence from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lightroom performs the joining and merging automatically. There are many other technical aspects and techniques of panorama stitching for the more intrepid photographer, but that discussion is for another day…

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.53.39 PM
Import the photos into Lightroom, select all of the photos comprising the stitch, and then Right Click -> Photo Merge -> Panorama
The end result of a seven image stitched panorama.

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